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The hatchery is one of the essential services that Proavus provides. It is necessary to have exemplary hatchery operations to determine good nutritious eggs and breed. We look after all the operations at the developmental stage to make sure the animals are breeding correctly. We take our responsibilities seriously and work systematically to achieve a healthy batch of eggs and breed. We have a team of hatchery experts who are well-informed about the procedures and know-how to exactly attain a thriving hatchery. We have proper vaccines that we use to maintain the health of animals. We use standard and technical tools to evaluate the quality and use of comprehensive methodologies to investigate egg breakout and poor-quality hatchery. We eliminate hatcheries that do not have a sustainable quality and maintain hatchery that pass the quality test

Our hatchery experts customize protocols for each hatchery to make it strive and grow properly. We believe in top-notch quality and providing a custom service that helps you meet your business goals. We follow proper SOPs in our hatchery, which makes sure each animal is well protected from any virus or bacteria that can potentially cause sickness. Our trained professionals audit hatcheries precisely and monitor each stage using innovative tools. The out hatchery’s total capacity is 7000 square meters, which is extensive to accommodate a variety of animals and provide them enough space to breed. We provide hatchery services for ducks, chicken, and turkey specifically.